Bianca van der Stoel Horticultural Therapy

Welcome! My name is Bianca van der Stoel and I am a budding Horticultural Therapist with a solid foundation as a Recreation Therapist.

My goal is to promote a shift in our healthcare system, reinforcing the role that nature, plants, and green spaces can play in an individual's well being. Engaging with nature may be as simple as sitting beneath the trees after days in a treatment environment with low stimulation, a conversation over a fresh rose at an individual's bedside, or digging our hands in the soil in a therapy group.

As a board member of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association, and the Education Committee Coordinator for the CHTA, I aim to be a change-maker, promoting the value and need for this therapeutic modality in all settings- from Long Term Care environments, to hospitals, to schools, and far beyond.

I desire to see Horticultural Therapy grow it's roots across this country,and the world!

With professional experience in Community Health, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Mental Health, and Palliative Care settings, I come prepared with a toolkit of engaging, meaningful activities centered around the modality of horticulture. A variety of programs focus on goals such as physical mobility, socialization, sensory stimulation, or experiences of contribution and purpose. ​

I believe Horticultural Therapy can provide boundless benefits to individuals, groups, and our communities, and I'd love to talk to you about how this service could connect to you.

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