Farmer Ben Glassen

Regenerative Livestock Manager

Operating on leased land in the unceded Coast Salish territory of Snuneymuxw people
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Responsible management of the land can sequester carbon and reverse climate change. While doing this work of rewilding beautiful natural spaces we make a place for friend and family to enjoy. The fruit of the labour is the most ethical, delicious food.

My Clubhouse Tribe is in the club
Food Growers United

Owner/Operator -

Owner/CEO -

Founder/CEO - The Good Place Abattoir

Creating opportunities for Regenerative Agriculture on Vancouver Island, BC.

Success Start-Up Young Farmers, lessons from Joel Salatin ‍
1. Seperate the land ownership from the farming - lease, borrow or barter for land access
2. Mobile Infrastructure - A. Nimble lowcost equipment to move on and off of lease land. B. Keep animals moving to spread fertility, animals have legs so let them move & feed themselves
3. Modular Infrastructure - start with one unit, then scale with your profits to stay out of debt, above board and open to opportunities
4. Direct Market - D2C keep as much of that food dollar as you can, create relationships with your customers and share this dream farm life

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