Horticultural Therapy Virtual Session

Are you feeling a lack of connection to nature? Do you want to practice new, therapeutic ways to engage with nature around you? What is nature waiting to offer you?

Horticultural Therapy sessions offer meaningful, intentional engagement with gardening, plants, and nearby nature spaces to improve well-being. Evidence-based research validates the overwhelming benefits of people-plant engagement. These benefits include improved mental well-being, increased physical activity, a sense of purpose and reduced experiences of social isolation.

Facilitated by Bianca van der Stoel, Horticultural Therapist and Recreation Therapist (www.bvhorticulturaltherapy.com), sessions offer opportunities for connection, purposeful activity, and growing in your knowledge and connection to nature.

Activities are led by a participant's interests and capabilities and include but are not limited to: indoor and outdoor gardening, nature exploration, flower arranging, botanical crafts, reflective activities, and stimulating the senses with nature nearby.

Specialty (optional): Horticultural Therapy, Therapeutic Garden Design